P erserkatten


Persian is one of our oldest cat breeds.  Already in the 1600s imported longhaired cats from Iran (then Persia) and adjacent areas. These cats became very popular among wealthy people in the West and has over centuries developed into today's Persian cat. This breed may not be as big hills as other breeds, which among other things means that they become a bit more expensive to buy.



Persian is a medium sized cat, weighing about 4.5 to 7 kg.  Persian cat has a compact body, short sturdy legs and a short bushy tail. The head should be round and strong with small, well tufted ears that are located far apart.  The eyes should be large and round.  The most distinguishing feature of the Persian's fur is very long and silky, with a bushy collar.  Some Persian colors come from Persia (Iran), others from the U.S. and Britain. There are many types and variations, but all is not approved.  A Persian live between 13 and 15 years



The Persian cats are extremely popular all know that some time has visited a kattutsällning, where the race usually dominates. In the case rasdragen at large, so it is of course the same for all Persian variants.  A Persian is generally quiet and pleasant, and thrive as indoor cat. It is often very docile to the way and have an even temperament, as well as being cuddly and sociable.


 Coat Care

If you feel like getting a Persian cat, you must ask yourself if you have time and energy to manage the Persian beautiful fur.  A mismanaged Persian with dirty, matted fur is not beautiful to look at and it is not feeling well either of it. Since the Persian shed year-round danger of getting in so much hair that big fur balls can be formed. This can then lead to constipation and severe trouble for it! To avoid this we should each day go through the fur on his Persian. Brush off the excess hair and ensure that the formation of tangles that quickly grows so as to be unworkable. A Persian also need to be bathed. How often depends on their fur quality.  Some need to be bathed frequently, and others just need to be bathed a few times a year to keep tovfria and fresh.